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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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good morning. with the mist it looks a little dreamy in some places. >> y, mc y maybe? one of -- mcdreamy maybe? that's one of our shows. fire investigators looking for the cause of a fire that damaged a house and sent several into the hospital into south san francisco. kira klapper is live at the scene. >> reporter: investigators are just wrapping up. restoration management company just arrived to board up the home. it will be to the property managers to decide what to do.
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it is heavily damaged. video we took an hour ago this morning. the residents called 911, 11:30 last night. firefighters pinpointed the fire to the back of the home they were able to extinguish it within minutes. responding police officer checking the home for occupants, suffered smoke inhalation. he was rushed to nearby medical center. three residents inside also suffered smoke inhalation. they are being treated as we speak. all four are expected to be okay and as eric mentioned, the cause of that fire is under investigation. with the latest from south san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. san mateo county supervisors can expect a packed meeting this morning when they vote on next year's budget plan that includes more than 44 million dollars for a new jail. groups opposed want that money spent on reducing the jail
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population this is video of the existing jail in redwood city deemed no longer sufficient. two hundred people urn turned out to voice opposition to a new jail. they say a 500 bed jail would cost 160 million dollars to build and 30 million a year to operate. officials recommend alternatives to up prisonment at a cost of eight million dollars a year. uc berkeley police identified a man suspected in two robberies of women who were forced to withdraw cash from a campus atm police are looking for 24-year-old cody alan smith. smith and two companions offered to sell magazine subscriptions the women declined they were threatened and forced to take cash from the atm. neither woman was injured. san francisco police released identity of suspect whose shooting triggered two nights of protests. police say he's a 22-year-old
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known gang member. he was shot after pulling a loaded gun on an officer. police say he was carrying a tech 9 loaded with 25 rounds. the shooting sparked protests and vandalism at the police substation. neighbors are defending the police they say they've grown tired of crime. parolee wanted on gun charges recovering from injuries he suffered from a police dog. search forced officers to lock down three high schools for several hours. police nabbed and arrested the 29-year-old, he was taken the hospital after being conner by officer and police dog. he ran from officers who tried to pull his car over. police searched that area, he was found by officer and k-9 hiding in a crawlway under a home. he will be charged with injuring a police dog and possession of drugs and stolen
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car. >> >> people most affected by august 6th chevron fire are being told there maybe no way to prove their health problems are linked to the toxic smoke that covered their neighborhoods. last night residents learned from investigators that chevron's documents called for the pipeline that leaked and cause for fire should have been inspected but never was it was worn down to the point it was only 1/5 as thick as it should have been the fire burned 11 hours sending a thick column of smoke into areas where residents were told to shelter-in-place. thousands reported respiratory problems and other health issues after the fire. wildfire in san diego county claimed one life and destroyed 20 homes, hundreds more threatened. the fire broke out sunday near the campo indian reservation. crews recovered a body found inside one of the burned out homes. a neighbor says an 82-year-old
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disabled man lived there and refused to evacuate. the fire has scorched 2500 acres, 40% contained. procrastinators in california can now register to vote as late as election day. governor brown signed legislation allowing same-day registration. the deadline used to be 15 days before election. if voters cannot be verified on spot they would be allowed to cast a provisional ballot to be counted if their information checks out. opponents are worried about being able to verify information in a timely manner. they state could lead to fraud and delays in final vote counts. >> this is being fought in states across the country with mixed results. 5:06. kind of dreamy as you drive golden gate bridge with the misty fog. >> right there on the bridge deck.
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thickest at the coast trying to spill across the go -- the golden gate bridge you are going to get thicker fog over the next hour or two quarter mile visibility at half moon bay, one and three quarters in santa rosa winds aren't that strong so fog won't spread too much especially north bay valleys west wind along the coast expect some of that fog to move into the bay we'll keep an eye on sfo to see if it creates flight delays like we had yesterday. let's look at temperatures, warmest east bay valleys, mid to upper 80s, 70s south bay, 70s and low 80s north bay, low to mid 70s around the bay more clouds around the coast low to mid 60s into san francisco. sunshine around santa cruz 73, with 10° cooler, 63, inland 83. tomorrow coolest in the
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forecast. wind shift and jump in temperatures thursday and friday. 10° warmer at the coast. 12 warmer around the bay, 8° warmer inland. you have been looking for 70s and sun at the coast, coming this weekend. here's sue. good morning. if you your travels take from you novato past ignacio and marinwood live shot past lucas valley road towards the civic center into central san rafael, light no delays, very light from san jose headlights northbound on 280, no problems, 17 out of the santa cruz mountains looking good, no problems. accident to report chp getting word north 101 peninsula near kehoe in san mateo i don't see
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slowing past the scene. if your drive takes you out of antioch, antioch towards pittsburg westbound highway 4 same with central valley up and over the altamont pass that drive looking better than this time yesterday. 580 altamont pass less than 15 minutes to 680. highway 4, seven minutes hillcrest 242. east shore freeway from the carolina bridge into the -- from the carquinez bridge in the maze less than 20 minutes. even though the governor has signed about it bill for same day registration it won't be implemented until 2016. >> not a couple months before presidential election. local extreme skiing legend survives deadly avalanche. next his rescue from one of the world's tallest mountains. how a controversial
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california fertility clinic is attracting couples from an brad. what you need to know -- >> maybe even your picture photos that could inspire movie. first america's money report. >> reporter: good morning. back at work on the iphone. chinese factory where thousands rioted is open again. reports say it makes parts and assembles the iphone. there are indication american airlines and pilots want to resume talks. the bankrupt airline is cancelling many more flights than usual and many are late. discover card will refinanced 200 million dollars to customers to settle charges it pressured card holders into buying extra services. retailers planning to hire more temporary workers than last year, 3/4 expect increase
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good morning. a little fog not a lot here certainly around the bay you might find some golden gate
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bridge, coastal areas kind of misty too in some places. we'll check in with mike. extreme skiing icon and livermore native glen flake is among survivors of deadly avalanche. the 48-year-old is a three-time world champion skier based in tahoe he was among those rescued from the slide that killed nine people sunday morning at more than 22,000 feet in nepal. two dozen climbers were sweeping when their camp was swept away he was among six rescued as crews were able to reach survivors with high altitude helicopters, half a dozen still missing. japanese coast guard vessels clash with a taiwanese fishing fleet. the japanese coast guard was armed with fire hoses and loud
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speakers warning the fleet to stay away from the islands which japan considers territorial waters the taiwanese fleet was made up of 50 fishing boats and 10 surveillance ships. the japanese government's approaches has lead to sometimes violent protests in china and informal boycotts of japanese products. yahoo's new boss will layout new road map for turning things around. reports say she will introduce new system for tracking progress inside the company from top executives to entry level employees. she will push to make gentleman home base pore attractive to consumers. the company has been pummeled in recent years with the scandalous departure of former ceo, patent fights and near shareholder revolt. if you are a stay at home parent and no income and can't qualify for a credit card,
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relief may be coming. consumer protection bureau proposing a new rule. current regulations require personal income information on credit applications. under the new rule applicants will be able to submit household income. option to choose the gender of a child is drawing hundreds of foreigners to a california fertility clinic the director says they can determine the gender of a child within 99.9% accuracy. many parents from china and india tend to want males. the rest of the world slightly favor favors -- favors girls. >> the queen's representative deputy lieutenant of london will be here to personally invite the oak grove high school marching band to london. the band is being asked to perform at london's new year's day parade 2014 and star in
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two events in italy. they've also performed at the thanksgiving, macy's in new york. the band will have to pay to get there, but their costs while in europe will be picked up. here's something we are all very, very pleased about here at abc7 news. abc7 news arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez marking a big milestone, 40 years here at kgo-tv. friends and colleagues marked the event last night dining with don, lots of memories, including racing to a breaking news story on his first day at abc7 news with a photographer who broke a few rules on the way. >> we went from the station to the fairmont hotel in reverse at 50 miles an hour. i'm serious. >> why was he doing that? >> because transmission was out in the car. >> don says that story never
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aired. maybe they were both too shaken up to do it. plenty more of his reports did make it during a career that has included reporting, stints as news and sports anchor. kudos to don sanchez, 40 years. >> he's the definition of tv news in the bay area. and a little treat, if you go to, you get to see a picture of don from 40 years ago. >> look at that. he always looks great. >> where is the mustache? . >> you have to see that for yourself. -- >> look at that 70s hair. >> any 70s out there? yeah, golden gate bridge, definitely clouds, mist in the air, headlights coming in from marin county southbound traffic you see. going to be a little foggy along the coast into the lower lying valley along the coast with fog trying to work in.
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quarter mile visibility at half moon bay. doppler, no measurable rain or drizzle, just mist in the air in the clouds that's all you have to deal with i am let's talk temperatures, -- with. 48 napa, everybody else in the 50s santa rosa has visibility down to half a mile. fog around watsonville everybody monterey bay and inland low to mid 50s. we'll see sunshine quicker today, still a little below average in most areas. coolest afternoon tomorrow, temperatures ramp up out to the coast as we head towards the weekend. today compared to average, livermore one of the few places that will be warmer, 86. napa 80. san jose 78. redwood city 75, oakland 75 today is the last day of 75° highs tomorrow you start to
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cool back down, 70 is your high for today, san francisco 64, seven degrees cooler icloud cover you can see most prevalent around the lower elevations near the -- near the coast to the bay. by 9:00 inland areas clearing by 10, 11:00 tops bay out, more cloud cover along the coast today than yesterday, 60s there, 70s bay, 80s inland especially mid to upper 80s east bay valleys warmest. tomorrow two to four degrees cooler than today. jump in temperature thursday through sunday, 90 inland, mid 80s around the bay, low 70s at the coast with sunshine this weekend. hope you have a great day. here's sue. good morning. live to the san mateo bridge west bound had earlier roadwork overnight that's been picked up, eastbound still two of the three various lanes shut until 6:00. westbound commute and eastbound moving nicely a few brake lights towards the
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highrise to foster city no significant delays on san mateo bridge commute, 15 minutes from the east bay to foster city. bay bridge commute light, no metering lights, no delays on the incline or through the tunnel into san francisco. you might find a little slow traffic headed north through greenbrae as right around sir francis drake overnight paving work still out there until 6:00 this morning. the road sensors are showing slowing headed in the northbound direction. no roadwork southbound. golden gate bridge we saw fog but very light traffic headed into san francisco. 5:21. twitter's co-founder trying new career, filmmaker one of six who will be tutored by director ron howard to create a 10 minute film, inspiration must come from pictures find by the public. stone says taking on the role of filmmaker makes him ail little nervous.
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>> i feel a lot of pressure to honor the photos that these people have submitted. i want to create something that is relevant aspirational, meaningful. >> the deadline for tweeting photos to stone was last night, sorry about that. he will be looking through the pictures, looking for inspiration. today on katie, barbra streisand makes a rare tv appearance. she talks about working with her son. >> i tell you, when i heard his -- the things he's recorded, the musicianship, the sound of his voice. it is like he has a little chamber music orchestra, his sweetness, his inventiveness, musically, i said jason, i have to sing with you. you have to be on my duets album. not only that, you have to come -- he's never performed live. >> he's going to be performing with you in brooklyn?
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>> more on "katie" 3 p.m. right here on abc7. >> if he can sing with her, that's something because she is quite the singer the diva. in the positive sense. the competition starts with a bang for this season of dancing with the stars. we'll tell you who is already on the chopping block. the cruel trick played on iphone lovers, hoping to pick one up for free.
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welcome back. we are giving away $49,000 to celebrate the october 18th, 49ers game right here on abc 7.
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it is easy to enter the sweepstakes click the 49 -- click the win $49,000 button on our facebook page at we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the 49ers take on the seahawks. 5:26. the national league west division champions giants begin final three-game home stan at at&t park tonight against the diamond backs. a's are in texas still fighting for a day day playoff spot. rangers came from behind last night with two run homer in the 7th to tie the game. the rangers went ahead to win the game 5-4. a's trail rangers by five games in the west and lead by two games over the angels for the second wild card spot. all-star season of "dancing with the stars" kicked off last night. tonight we find out which of the 13 couples is going home.
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the competition is so fierce this season judges are giving half point scores. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 7 1/2. >> 7 1/2. >> 7 1/2. >> last night emmitt smith and tackled the cha-cha. their score of 24 1/2 was enough to top the evening. 11 other couples are in the middle, and finishing last, pamela anderson and tristin mcmanus. the results show airs tonight at 8:00. looks like there's a special guest star too, justin bieber tweeting, he will be doing his little thing. >> is he driving? >> should he be? >> that's the question. we'll find out. >> san francisco is one of the most expensive places to live. the board of supervisors could take action today to change that. next, the teeny tiny apartments that could put the
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squeeze on housing costs. popular south bay principal busted for selling meth. the discovery that is leading police to ask what else he may have been up to? giants fever hits the bay area again. how fans without season tickets can get in on the playoffs. good morning. high temperatures today, 80s inland valleys, 70s in the south bay, 70s throughout the bay shore and low to mid 60s along the coast. coast won't see as much sunshine as yesterday. mid 70s along the eastern seaboard, 65 seattle, 71 in portland. flight departure delays out of newark arrival delays into baltimore. all major
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. developing news in novato this morning. police just arrested two men suspected of stealing copper from a pg&e plan. pg&e says novato police discovered a hole in the fence at the substation on hamilton drive around 3:00 this morning. just east of highway 101 at novato boulevard. upon arriving, officers arrested one at the scene. they found a second suspect two hours later that. police activity should be winding down quickly. today san francisco supervisors will take the first of two votes on a controversial housing plan and other cities are watching closely of the vote could help clear the way for construction of some of the tiniest apartments anywhere. katie marzullo is live in san francisco with the story. >> reporter: i'm going to throw numbers at you. the current standards for minimum living space is 290
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square feet. behind us, these are currently inhabiteded the condos here are -- 300 square feet they are considered microapartments. what the future would hold if supervisors pass this new law would be 220 square feet of living space and that is about the size of an average parking space where i'm standing here if that helps you visualize that. let's look inside at one of these 220 square feet microapartments this a mock-up. pretty much everything has to do double duty living space, kitchen, bathroom and a closet. 220 square feet. supervisor scott weiner and his supporters say it is the only way to go in a city like san francisco you have more than 40% of the population single people living alone and the average price of a studio apartment is more than $2,000 a month. tiny is the only choice for
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those people. the price would be more like $1200 or $1700 a month. opponents say the city is too crowded and too dense as it is, that would only add to the problem put a strain on public transportation and not all apartments would be as swanky looking on the mock-ups they could end up with bad and bad -- with low and bad lighting. this only applies to new construction. katie marzullo, abc7 news. victims of the chevron refinery fire are being told there maybe no way to prove their health problems are tied to the toxic smoke. that's word from federal officials chevron's documents show the faulty pipeline should have been inspected but never was the pipe was as
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thick as a penny, one/5 of what it should have been. the general manager said not inspecting the pipe was an over >> we did not inspect the individual component that failed, less than five feet in length. >> we've obtained internship documents from chevron that recommend that every segment of the pipe in this service should have been included in an inspection program. >> federal inspectors opened a criminal investigation into air pollution vials from 2005 to 2009. after the discovery of a pipeline that bypassed pollution monitoring equipment. chevron paid $170,000 fine for that last year. now investigators say tiny hidden cameras were found along with a stash of drugs in the home of a santa clara elementary school principal. one of the cameras was found inside a teddy bear. the 42-year-old made his first
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court appearance yesterday after police say he offered drugs to an undercover officer he met through an online datingzé cy. police found meth, ecstasy, and date rape drug ghb at eric lewis' san francisco home he was arrested last thursday. governor brown heading to google headquarters today to sign a bill that makes it legal for the company to test its robot cars on city streets. google has been testing the car that drives itself, it put on a demonstration last spring with a blind morgan hill man behind the wheel using google's autonomous driving technology. the bill that brown is signing would require the dmv to begin drafting rules governing the use of the vehicles by the public. san francisco stepping up efforts to cleanup dirty streets. public work crews are out targeting streets littered with trash like this stretch
5:37 am
of columbus near broadway. workers will be speakinging to merchants in the area which may be -- may be responsible for the trash also looking for uncollected garbage, illegal dumping and fee >> sidewalk in front of your property is the responsibility of the private property owner. the idea is not to hammer them and hit them and fine them right away, but to educate and show them what beck do and what they are responsible for. >> -- for the past nine weeks department of public works conducting night walks with an emphasis on the trash and sidewalk debris linked to restaurants, bars and nightclubs. giants' tickets for playoffs going fast season ticket holders and priority clients are already grabbing most seats presale started yesterday online. you can find a link at our website. the team specials to have 5,000 tickets per game remaining for fans who signed up online. people who are selected will be notified by e-mail and can
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buy tickets beginning tomorrow. today the 49ers will be showing off progress made on construction of their new stadium. 400 workers have completed 15% of the project. framework is 25% done. 9ers closed the deal for the third corporate sponsor. the mercury news reports germany-based company sap signed long term deal for naming rights to the practice facility. sap will provide business, statistics and performance software. everybody applied for a job -- [ unintelligible ] it is being called the low point in the history of replacement referees, devastating string of calls made by officials at last night's game cost green bay the game. it happened on the final play with seahawks' quarterback 24 yard pass to the receiver in the end zone, green bay
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defender jennings got both hands-on the ball, looked like an interception, tate tried wrestling for position one official signals touchdown another waves his hands to stop the clock which would be an interception. review from the booth ruled touchdown. seahawks win 14-12. very unhappy packers team. >> what kinds of things are you hearing? coaches, players, everyone. >> lawmaker in the midwest tweeted out roger goodell's phone numbers so people could call and complain. getting a little choked up over the misty conditions. good morning. also up in the north bay half mile visibility santa rosa more cloud as long the coast and going to hang around the better part of the morning commute, half mile visibility at half moon bay winds calm
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around santa rosa i don't think there will be much movement of the fog there southeast wind -- some of this fog will try to push across some of the lower valleys at the coast and over san francisco. we'll keep an eye on sfo, as of right now, they are doing okay. the clouds haven't made it there yet. as far as temperatures for today, more dom coast, 65 is -- know to mid 70s bay, south bay upper 70s to low 80s same in the north bay, most dominant area of 80s, mid to upper 80s east bay valleys. 79 hollister. 60s watsonville, salinas, monterey. 73 santa cruz. tomorrow coolest afternoon in the forecast. significant wind shift means warmer weather thursday and friday. sue has a new accident. just coming from the chp
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marin southbound 101 tiburon on-ramp to south 101 blocked with injury accident we'll keep our eye on that. if you are traveling mass transit, bart, muni, caltrain everybody getting off to a great start, central valley up and over the altamont pass, a little bunching up from 205 towards the altamont things pick up, so far, so good, what a difference from yesterday. 580 drive time off the altamont 15 to 16 minutes. 880 southbound direction from 238 into the fremont area newark highway 84, 10 minutes. leaving santa rosa, just under 30 minutes into novato marin county drive looking good other than that accident we'll follow attic broken. 80 east shore freeway beginning to bunch up towards the macarthur maze no significant delays. san mateo bridge tail lights headed to the highrise over to
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foster city no problems, just 15 minutes from the hayward to the san mateo side. it came down to the final joke, laughs mixed with sadness at the closing of a legendary san francisco comedy club. how you can take home a piece of the purple onion. samsung strikes back questions it is raising about jury conduct in the patent
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the legal battle between apple and samsung turns a new page. samsung filed papers asking the one billion dollar judgment for copyright infringement be set aside. samsung wants a new trial claiming jury misconduct. apple wants another 535 million dollars in damages, plus permanent injunction barring samsung from selling more than two dozen models of smartphones and tablets. the federal trial judge scheduled a december hearing to consider all motions from both sides. san francisco's purple onion is getting ready to sell 51 years of memorabilia today now the landmark comedy club is shutting down. 100 went to the purple onion last night for the final show. a place where legends once performs. business in recent years has
5:46 am
not been good enough to stay open. one of the dozens of comedians who took the stage for the last time says it is a big loss. >> smothers brothers had a famous album here, richard pryor, lenny bruce, it has been around forever and there is no place like this >> great place to watch comedy in san francisco and it is so small you feel like family after a while. >> you are losing a member of your family? >> a little bit. >> everything will be sold at auction at 11, celebrity photos, tables, chairs, everything but the iconic sign on stage. if you are a fan of bacon and most of us are, especially at this hour, start stocking up now. this morning's bloomberg business report is next. michelle would be terrific temperamentally, i don't think -- >> would she run for the white house? barbara walters asks president obama if his wife
5:47 am
has a future in politics? what the first lady had to say about her husband's response. peanut butter recall that touches california is growing. what you need to know.mlnmñ what
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high temperatures today at the coast more cloud cover than yesterday up are 50s to
5:50 am
low 60s, 64 in san francisco, low 70s hazy sunshine around the bay, 70s to mid to upper 80s in the valleys, especially east bay valleys. doppler over the last three hours, quiet across the entire state. all wet weather moving away. near 100 palm springs today. closer to average l.a. and san diego upper 70s. low 90s through the central valley, 71 in tahoe and big sur with a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. 5:50. president obama is set to address the united nations general assembly in a little more than two hours from now he's expected to declare anti-american rain and riots among muslims abroad will never force the u.s. to backtrack on diplomacy. there's little doubt the presidential campaign will hang heavily over his speech. >> mitt romney also in new york to address clinton
5:51 am
global initiatives annual gathering today. romney continues to hammer the president's handling of foreign policy while on the campaign trail. president obama and first lady michelle obama are special guests on "the view" this morning the interview taped yesterday, barba walters asked if mrs. obama might one day run for the presidency. >> she should run for office. but she said she doesn't want to. [ applause ] >> look i mean michelle would be terrific, but temperamentally, i just don't think -- [ laughing ] >> no, it is absolutely true. it takes a lot of patience to be the president of the united states. and i'm not that patient. >> it takes a lot of guts to put that out there the way he did. good thing michelle agreed. you can watch the interview with the president and mrs. obama this morning at 10 right here on abc 7. he was this far from sleeping
5:52 am
on the white house couch baby. >> he's farther than that. he also said, she said i can make him mad any number of ways. and he says she does it by being fairly unreasonable. >> wow! okay i take it back. hang the presidential seal on the couch it will be in use for a while. >> interesting show to watch "the view" today on abc7. sir what do we have out there? >> nothing that combative maybe t that contentious. that's when you know you have been married long and trust each other. >> plus, he's got secret service protection. >> good point. some of the low clouds fog trying to spill from the coast into and across san francisco this morning. having a hard time getting farther than that. we have clouds in the north bay. live doppler 7 hd you will notice it is dry.
5:53 am
s have mist in 'em so don't be surprised if you are driving through the clouds -- clouds and you may need the wipers once or twice. mid to upper 40s, santa rosa, napa, half mile visibility santa rosa, half moon bay 50 everybody else in the low to mid 50s fog watsonville and salinas, everybody else cloudy low to mid 50s. quicker sunshine still cooler than average, tomorrow the coolest day in the forecast, warm pattern this week will stretch out to the coast. not a bonafide offshore flow, not going to be a huge fire threat, warmer weather is going to make it to our beaches. concord 84, san jose 78, fremont 76, san francisco 64 the same in oakland will drop maybe one degree to 70 hardly a change from yesterday. mid 70s to near the low 80s in the south bay today, 69 millbrae low to mid 70s
5:54 am
peninsula 59 pacifica and daly city more sunshine warmer. mid 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito 67, 76 petaluma 80s north bay valleys, low 60s at your beaches. berkeley 68, low to mid 70s most of the east bay shore. east bay valleys mid to upper 80s, 80s morgan hill, gilroy, 73 santa cruz 10 degrees cooler monterey 63. nl west division champs take on the diamondbacks 7:15 tonight at&t, dropping to 55° by the time the game ends. two to four degree drop from the coast tomorrow coolest afternoon. wind shifts thursday we warm four to six degrees, couple more degrees of warmth, friday through sunday the warmest days low 90s inland, mid 80s bay, low 70s at the coast. if your drive takes out of
5:55 am
novato through marinwood past lucas valley road past the north san pedro and civic center exit things moving well, moving at the limit. southern marin up the waldo on the golden gate bridge, very thick fog on the span in patches, you come up that quickly and visibility will be limited you can see traffic moving nicely, very light across the golden gate bridge. farther north in tiburon south 101 on-ramp, injury accident blocking ramp and car flipped wrong way, turned around, the crews are trying to get there and clean that out of the off-ramp that will be backing things up as you try to get out of mill valley on to 101 southbound. drive times out of antioch starting to slow towards pittsburg, hillcrest to 242, 580, freeway into the
5:56 am
macarthur maze and 101 southbound to 580. looking for a job? the toy and trucking industries are in hiring mode women >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. toys "r" us hiring 45,000 holiday workers, 13% more than last year to handle instore, online and layaway businesses and 200 pop-up stores. if you have more drive you might try the trucking industry, the industry needs to hire almost 120,000 people this quarter. it will be looking for a quarter million next year. also forecasting a wage increase might be around the corner. bringing home the bacon may be harder pork supply next year will drop to lowest level in more than a quarter century. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. peanut butter recall that
5:57 am
starte$kñ joe's is expanding. sunland recalling 76 types of peanut and almond butters after one of its products was linked to salmonella outbreak, peanut butters sold under archer farms and earth balance, valencia peanut butter and almond butter with roasted flax seeds, 29 people sickened. developing news from the north bay next at 6:00, two men in police custody following a bold robbery attempt at a pg&e substation. the valuable item investigators say they were trying to take. later, pricey sports car in the six figures. consumer reports tell us whether it
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